Laying Flock 

Our laying flock is made up of Golden Comets, a breed renowned for their ability to lay large brown eggs. They're a perfect fit for a pastured egg system!

We manage the girls with movable electrified netting. The netting allows us to control where the chickens will forage, but its primary purpose is to protect the girls from predators.  

As with our other animals, we maintain our chickens with rotational grazing.  After the flock has fed on a plot of pasture for a few days (they particularly like white clover and curly dock) we move the netting to a fresh section.

Pastured eggs

Pastured Meat Flock

We began raising Cornish Cross meat chickens at Old Homeplace Farm for a simple reason - this breed provides the best route to flavorful, tender chicken. We experimented with slower-growing genetics, but frankly, the meat quality never quite met our expectations. The flavor was great, but tough. We think the longer growing time to raise a meat bird to processing size was probably the largest contributing factor to the toughness issue.  We've never looked back after raising our first batch of Cornish Cross!  

Breed notwithstanding, we're still convinced that pastured production is the best option no matter what class of animal you are raising.  As you would expect, we maintain our Cornish Cross meat birds on pasture from the moment they come out of the brooding house.  We feel this life on pasture results in a healthier bird with a more robust flavor. Our meat birds are reared in hoops that are moved daily to provide a never-ending salad bar! 

Let us know if you're interested in custom-grown pastured poultry!