Are you beginning a new farm, or transitioning your old operation to a grazing-based model? We can help!

When we began our work at Old Homeplace Farm in 2004, we didn't posses many of the skills necessary to run a good grazing operation. We made it our goal to gain those skills through a combination of research, experimentation within our pastures, and intent observation. During this same period we have also had the opportunity to visit grazing operations in six states and two continents, allowing us to learn from successful farmers in a wide variety of different environments.

We feel that these experiences have provided us with a working knowledge of the elements required to create a profitable, efficient grazing operation. In short, our goal is to provide the detailed, hands-on assistance we wish we'd had back in 2004. 

How Does the Consulting Process Work?

A good Grazing Management Plan starts with your input. Will has the technical abilities to help you identify