Our goal at Old Homeplace Farm is to provide your family with premium grass fed meat.  To do so requires an integration of good genetics and good management practices.  


Old Homeplace Farm grass fed steers are primarily Angus bloodline.  The Angus breed has gained renown for its excellent eating qualities, but we have found that some individuals within the breed perform well above average in regard to optimal growth and good body conformation.  Our experience has shown that these "high-achievers" consistently produce the best quality beef.  As a result, we use only these well adapted individuals in our beef program. 

You can be assured that any stock that does not meet our demanding growth or conformation standards will not be sold to you, our neighbors.  We might be able to provide your family with delicious beef without maintaining such selective criteria, but why take a chance?  We want your meals to be truly great!  

grass fed beef

Management Practices 

We rotate our cattle daily through our diverse pastures to ensure they always graze a full complement of fresh forages.  Cattle were designed to efficiently convert these plants into exceptionally tasty beef, and our cattle excel at this job! 

The combination of an optimum diet with good genetics leads to outstanding herd health.  In fact, we do not use growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or synthetic dewormers in our beef operation.  We want our family's meat to be free from these, and trust that you feel the same.

rotational grazing