Promise and Potential For Your Farm...

We began a Local Meats CSA for a simple reason: we wanted to provide great food to our customers while making a living from our small farm. We knew the idea had merit, but the enthusiasm it has generated has been overwhelming. We are convinced the CSA system holds great potential for small farmers and their communities.  

The potential for farmers to make a living wage from their land. The potential for customers to buy locally produced meat. The potential for us all to reshape our food system and reenergize our local economies. 

In fact, our farm is a living example of the benefits the CSA model offers to small farmers. Since beginning our CSA we have gained more control over our financial destiny, expanded our customer base by over 300%, and generally witnessed the business exceed our expectations. And all this was accomplished within 1 year of beginning the program!

 How Can I Begin a Meat CSA?

By now, you may be saying: that sounds great? Where can I get more information so I can decide if a Local Meat CSA is right for my farm? 

To be honest, starting the CSA wasn't always easy. In the early days we constantly felt like we were traveling through uncharted territory. That's an exciting feeling, but it was also somewhat unnerving. We often wished there was a blueprint to which we could refer for information and guidance. Unfortunately, we were never able to find such a resource.

The countless hours we spent researching CSA models and deciding how to best structure our business were well worth the effort, but we want to spare other producers the same struggles we encountered. After all, there's no need for you to re-invent the wheel! To that end, we have written The Old Homeplace Farm Meat CSA Guide!

 What Does the Guide Do?

This Guide pulls back the curtain on our entire CSA operation. It details the process of planning production to meet demand, how to locate customers, considerations about transportation and delivery, an overview of the requirements involved to legally sell meat, our step-by-step actions to prepare meat for delivery, and many other topics. Our goal in writing this ebook was to thoroughly explain our rationale behind each of the decisions that has contributed to our success. 

Simply put, this is the resource we wish we owned when beginning our CSA. We invite you to benefit from our experience. 

I'm Interested! How Do I Get a Copy? 

We first made the Guide available as an ebook that you paid to download. However, after some soul-searching we realized that our heart just wasn't in it. We truly feel that local meat CSAs can help improve farmer's finances, can provide customers with delicious locally-sourced product, and improve local economies. That being our belief, we felt it important to provide the information to as many people as possible. And the best way to spread our story is to provide the Guide for free.

As such, the Guide is now available on this website for free download as a pdf file. While we no longer charge for the ebook, we have a voluntary contribution program available via PayPal if you found the Guide valuable to your operation. Please consider making a contribution if you found the Guide to be worth your time. 

Consider it the ultimate guarantee - there's no upfront cost to download the Guide, and you don't have to pay a dime if you don't think it is useful. Of course, if you do find the Guide useful, we appreciate any contribution you are comfortable providing!

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