Custom Processing 

We offer very limited numbers of custom processed beeves, lambs, and pigs. Under this option, you are purchasing a whole (or half) animal. We then transport the animal to the processor for you, and bring the meat back to our farm for you to pick up at your convenience. Custom processing provides you with the opportunity to purchase a large portion of your family's meat needs at one time, and it also provides you with the chance to fully control how your animal is processed.

If you've never purchased custom processed animals from us before, you may be interested in our Custom Processed Beef Fact Sheet. This fact sheet addresses many questions posed by first-time buyers. 

As you would expect, all custom processed meat is flash frozen and vacuum packed to maintain its quality.  

2019 Custom Processed Livestock Prices

Grass fed Beef: $3.50/pound, hanging weight

Grass fed Lamb: $5.00/pound, hanging weight

Pastured Pork: $2.00/pound, live weight

*customer is responsible for all processing costs