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Q: Where can I find your farm products?

A: You can purchase vegetables, meat, and pastured eggs from our online farm store. You can also sign up for our Pastured Meat CSA to receive guaranteed monthly deliveries of our locally-grown meats. We also recommend that you visit the local businesses that purchase Old Homeplace Farm products

Q: You say Old Homeplace Farm beef and lamb is grass fed. What does that mean? 

A: All ruminant livestock species (cows, sheep, and goats) can thrive on a forage-only diet. In fact, a growing body of research shows that ruminants are healthier when they don't eat grain. This being the natural order of things, we never give our ruminants any grain supplementation. Our animals don't grow quite as fast without grain, but we think the wait is worth it! 

Q: Are your pigs and chickens grass fed? 

A: Pigs and chickens aren't ruminants, so they need grain supplementation in addition to their pasture ration. As a comparison, you or I could not live on a diet of only iceberg lettuce...our digestive systems just can't squeeze all our needed nutrients from iceberg lettuce. The digestive tracts of pigs and chickens are somewhat similar to our own in this regard. As a result, we provide our non-ruminant animals with locally-grown corn. Of course, the pigs and chickens also eat a wide variety of pasture species in addition to their grains.

Q: Is Old Homeplace Farm certified organic? 

A: We are not certified organic at this time. We feel the biggest benefit of organic certification is to serve as a "stamp of approval" to customers who do not have the opportunity to really know the farmer whose product they are purchasing. This is probably important to a farmer selling his products in a supermarket. However, we're small enough that we get to know all of our customers personally, and count them as friends. In fact, this friendship is our favorite part of providing food to our community! We hope this mutual respect can serve in place of the red tape of government-sanctioned organic certification. It is a privilege to provide healthy food to friends, and you can be assured we will never violate this trust. 

Q: I see that your vegetables are "naturally raised." What does that mean, exactly? 

A: We were hoping you would ask! We adhere to all of the policies and guides put into place by the National Organic Program, in addition to going "above and beyond" in many areas. The abbreviated version is this: we strive to maintain a healthy soil with a thriving biota and high levels of organic matter. This adherence to healthy soil biology, coupled with the use of crop rotation and cover crops, allows us to maintain healthy crops without using synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

Q: I went by Old Homeplace Farm, but I didn't see any vegetables besides the home garden. What gives? 

A: Will and Maggie had an opportunity to buy a farm a few miles upriver of the home farm in summer 2013. Their vegetable operation is on this property. The parts of the new farm not under vegetable cultivation are being used to raise Old Homeplace Farm Pastured Meats.  

Q: I've heard that you sell Old Homeplace Farm vegetables in the wintertime. How is that possible? 

A: Believe it or not, it is possible to raise fresh vegetables all year long in Kentucky! We use a variety of cold-weather growing techniques (low tunnels and high tunnels) to extend the growing season. When we couple these techniques with naturally cold-hardy vegetables such as kale, mustard, collards, spinach, and lettuce we've found that we're able to produce fresh food all year long!

Q: I've ordered food...how can I pay for my meat and produce? 

A: We offer several different payment options. If you would rather pay for you order in advance, you can pay online with a credit card, or through our secure PayPal portal. You are also welcome to pay when picking up your order at the delivery location; we accept credit cards, checks, and cash. Just pick the option that works best for you!

Q: Can I visit Old Homeplace Farm? 

A: We would love to show you around! Click here to send Will a message, and he'll be in touch soon!