Your family deserves great food, grown right here in our community. We count it a privilege to provide you with exceptionally flavorful, healthy grass fed meat at a fair price 

Each animal we offer has been carefully selected for its ability to provide a superior eating experience. You have our assurance that Old Homeplace Farm grass fed animals are raised in a sustainable manner, with a dedication to quality. 

We produce our animals on pasture at Old Homeplace Farm because we feel that doing so is better for the animals, and better for the land. It does take us a bit longer to raise animals in this manner, but we think that some things in life are worth the wait.    

We offer three options for purchasing Old Homeplace Farm grass fed meats: our Pastured Meats CSA, individual cuts through the Online Store, and Custom Processing. If you're interested in learning which of these options may be the best fit for your family, check out our Purchasing Options page.  

 Old Homeplace Farm meat: from our pasture to your plate!