Our primary focus at Old Homeplace Farm is growing delicious food in a manner that improves our land.  To reach this goal we have selected breeding stock whose offspring grow well on pasture while producing premium meat.  We are pleased to offer these genetics to other farmers who wish to increase the sustainability and profitability of their operations.

These animals have been selected for their ability to flourish on pasture with minimal input costs.  Our ideal female is of moderate size to promote easy fleshing, with good mothering ability, that raises her offspring with no assistance from us.  We feel these characteristics would be welcome on many farms, whether you produce packaged meat or market your stock through a commercial stockyard!  

Katahdin hair sheep

Katahdin Sheep and Kiko x Boer Goats

We actively select our goat herd and sheep flock for their ability to thrive on pasture without grain supplementation, resistance to internal parasites, and healthy hooves.  We offer limited numbers of breeding stock for sale if you are interested in adding these low-input, pasture-selected genetics to your farm.  We will begin taking reservations for breeding stock after the year's kid and lamb crop arrives.  Kids and lambs will be ready for pick-up at Old Homeplace Farm at about four months of age.  This four month period gives us time to choose the "cream of the crop" for your farm!   

We have found that sheep and goats don't do as well in small groups due to their herding and flocking instinct.  As such, we strongly recommend you purchase at least 5 females unless you are supplementing an established group. Please call Ronnie at 606-847-4868 if any questions. 

Sheep Prices 

Ewes - $250 per head   

Rams - $300 per head  Limited numbers available.

Goat Prices 

Does - $200 per head   

Bucks - $250 per head