We initially became interested in adding sheep to Old Homeplace Farm because of their grazing habits: sheep naturally prefer broadleaf forbs over grass or shrubs.  This fondness for "weeds" filled a niche occupied by neither our cattle or goats.  While cattle or goats could be forced to eat some of these species, we think it makes more sense to find an animal that will savor what is available in our pastures!    

After reaching this conclusion, we added a flock of Katahdin hair sheep to our grazing system at Old Homeplace Farm.  We have been very pleased with the Katahdin's grazing habits, but we have also come to enjoy their lamb crops.  In fact, we chose the Katahdin breed largely because of their reputation of producing delicious meat on pasture.  We have found this reputation to be well-founded.

Some folks have asked if Old Homeplace pastured lamb tastes like the mutton they remember from childhood.  We're happy to report that it does not!  

Hair sheep produce a more mildly flavored meat than the traditional wool sheep with which most Americans are familiar.  Katahdins excel in this regard, as they have been deliberately bred to improve the quality of their meat.  As we hope you would expect from us, Old Homeplace Farm's delicious pastured lamb has been raised without any artificial growth hormones, synthetic dewormers, or antibiotics.

Pastured lamb has become a favorite of our family at Old Homeplace Farm.  While we truly enjoy the robust nature of our grass fed beef, pastured lamb serves as a delicately flavored counterpart that truly gives us a reason to celebrate diversity!

Katahdin hair sheep
If you are interested in delicious pastured lamb, or would like to start your own flock of low-input Katahdin hair sheep, please visit the Old Homeplace Farm sales page to see our current availability of grass fed meat and breeding stock!
pastured sheep