2020 summer CSA Farm Share program

What does CSA stand for? What is a CSA?

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. This means that the customer (aka community) supports the farm by paying a set amount of money, and trusts the farmer to provide a "share" of the farm to them. A farm share is a unique collaboration between the land, the farmer and community members. Members purchase a “farm share” in return for a portion of the harvest throughout the season. The customer trusts the farmer to curate a mystery subscription box each week with the vegetables currently available for harvest. We will harvest and provide a bountiful supply of produce to each member once a week throughout the summer season. 

The Old Homeplace Summer Vegetable CSA works like this:

  • The 2020 Summer CSA program will be available for pickup/delivery every week (a total of 16 weeks) beginning the week of May 31st and running until the last full week of summer, the week of September 13th. 
  • Each "share" (veggie package) will contain 7-10 different vegetables each week. Shares will mostly likely always include lettuce, another green (mustard, kale, collards, or arugula), a root veggie (salad turnips, radishes, carrots, or beets), summer squash, and cucumbers. The rest of the 7-10 items, as well as the veggies listed above will change every week as items come into season (tomatoes, peppers, blueberries, etc). This is one of the things that makes buying locally exciting! CSA customers will get to experience the changing of the season along with their farmer. Larger share sizes will receive greater volume of the same items as the smaller share sizes. 
  • Customers will pick up their shares at our current designated delivery points, or can have veggie packages delivered to their home (if they live within 5 miles of pick up locations). See bottom of page for pick up locations. 

CSA share program vs. Online Store

The CSA and the online store are both wonderful options for purchasing, fresh, locally raised produce. Both avenues will be delivered the freshest produce, grown with great care. 

The CSA might be for you if...

  • You are interested in purchasing locally grown, fresh produce, but you can't remember to (or don't want to) order online every week
  • You want to Maggie to curate a mystery veggie package for you every week because you love surprises and cooking with what is currently available
  • You want to support our farm by committing upfront to purchase produce from us for the summer. Your commitment helps us with farm planning, and helps make it possible for us to have a continuous supply of fresh produce. You have the option pre-pay in advance for the entire amount of summer produce as a commitment to financially support the farm. Or, you can sign up with a down payment (purchase price of one week of the CSA) and then the online store will automatically bill you each week throughout the summer CSA period so you don't have to worry about paying at pick up each week. 

The Online Store might be for you if...

  • You meal plan in advance and want to purchase specific items for specific recipes
  • You want a greater level of control over which items you're purchasing
  • You want to pay as you go (although if you prefer to pay upfront, you have the option of purchasing farm store credits in advance)
  • You can't commit to receiving produce every week for the 16 week CSA program, and want to be able to purchase from the online store at your convenience

Veggie share options and pricing

Choose from different subscription options to best match your needs:

Meat CSA Add-On Option

Interested in participating in the summer veggie CSA, but also want to purchase meat? Don't want the hassle of ordering meat from our online store, since you can trust that veggies will arrive through the CSA without visiting the online store? 

We also offer a meat CSA, which we have been running since 2011! Want to try it out for the summer season? Purchase a meat CSA add-on with the veggie CSA. The meat CSA add-on will provide 8lbs of meat each month, 4 times throughout the 4 month veggie program (meat add-on will be delivered the first week of June, July, August, and September). 

Cut Flower Bouquet Add On

Bring the joy of cut flowers into your home every week! Interested in receiving a bouquet of fresh cut flowers each week? We now offer a flower CSA! This program runs a few less weeks than the veggie CSA, since we don't always have a wide variety of flowers blooming until mid June. The flower CSA will run from the week of June 21st through the week of September 13th. 

Home Delivery Option

Don't want the hassle of coming to pick up your CSA? If you live within 5 miles of the pick up locations listed below, you can purchase a home delivery CSA add-on, and have your CSA delivered to your door step! Simply choose delivery when purchasing your CSA and the delivery fees will automatically be calculated and added to your order. 

  • 16 week home delivery add-on $60

How to Sign Up for the Summer 2020 CSA

1. Visit the CSA Category on our online store and choose which size (S, M, or L) veggie share is right for you

2. Choose your preferred method of receiving the CSA. If you prefer to pick up at one of the locations listed at the bottom of this page, you simply need to choose that PICKUP location during purchase. If you want the CSA delivered to your home, you must choose DELIVERY when you purchase your CSA package (the home delivery add on fee will be automatically calculated). 

3. Before checking out, go back to subscription options and select any add on items you would like to receive (meat CSA or cut flower CSA). 

4. Check out through our online store. You have the option pre-pay in advance for the entire amount the CSA as a commitment to financially support the farm (select "pay subscription upfront" after placing a CSA is your online cart). Or, you can sign up with a down payment (purchase price of one week of the CSA), and then the online store will automatically bill you each week throughout the summer CSA period so you don't have to worry about paying at pick up each week.

You will receive a welcome email us, and more details leading up to the first week of June. Get excited about summer 2020!

Old Homeplace Farm Summer Share Pledge

In becoming a member of the Old Homepace Farm Fall CSA farm share program, I understand the following:

  • I am supporting local food production and am making a financial commitment for the 2020 summer season. As the designated shareholder, I understand my payment is non-refundable.
  • I recognize farming is a risk-taking venture, and as such I realize there will be no guarantees on the exact amount or kind of products I receive.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to pick up my share at my designated pick up location, or to purchase a share option with home delivery. There will be no refund for CSA packages not picked up. If I cannot make it to the pick up location it is my responsibility to find someone to pick up my share.
  • I fully understand and accept this commitment and assume responsibility to contact Old Homeplace Farm if there are any questions or concerns. 

We currently deliver to a variety of locations in southeastern Kentucky. Our current pick up locations and times are listed below. 

Clay County

  • EKU Manchester Campus parking lot: Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM
  • Be Healthy With Beth Fitness Class, Clay County Health Department: Mondays @6:30pm
  • Oneida Post Office: Wednesday @ 5:00 PM

Laurel County 

Laurel County Library, London: Tuesdays @ 5:00 PM 

Whitley County

Moonbow, Corbin: Tuesdays 4:00 PM through Thursdays 6:00pm

Orders will be delivered to Moonbow by 4:00pm on Tuesday afternoons and will be available for pickup until 6pm on Thursdays. Orders will be placed in the fridge/freezer in the kitchen of Moonbow/2nd & Main in downtown Corbin. Please ask staff at Moonbow to retrieve your order for you. Orders MUST BE PICKED UP BY THURSDAYS AT 6PM. If orders are not picked up by Thursday at 6pm, Moonbow staff/owners are allowed to eat or discard the food to make space for weekend event preparation.

Moonbow hours are 12pm-6pm Tuesday-Thursday. Moonbow is located at 115 S. Main Street Corbin

Leslie County 

Hyden Spur Park and Ride: Thursdays @ 4:45 PM 

Perry County 

Triangle Park, Hazard: Thursdays @ 5:30 PM