Old Homeplace Farm is proud to provide your family with naturally-grown vegetables!

What do you want from your vegetables? How about... 

organic vegetables
  • Vegetables as delicious as they are wholesome.
  • Vegetables grown with all natural techniques. 
  • Vegetables chosen for their ability to provide superior flavor.
  • Vegetables raised for local folks, by local folks.
  • Vegetables produced in a way that protects the land. Click here for more information about our growing techniques.

What's the Story Behind These Veggies?

Old Homeplace Farm Vegetables: From our Homeplace to Yours!

The Old Homeplace Farm veggie venture is brought to you by Will and Maggie. 

Some of Will's earliest memories revolve around home gardening, but Maggie is the real spark of the vegetable program. Maggie spent the first three years of her career heading up the Grow Appalachia gardening initiative at Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County. She also brings a lifetime of experience from raising certified organic vegetables on her parent's farm while growing up. 

Will and Maggie hope to furnish your family with a wide array of mouth-watering vegetables. Click here for more information about purchasing locally-grown vegetables through the Old Homeplace Farm Online Store!

Maggie and Will in the garden